Coronavirus & the ‘New Normal’

As the weeks of lockdown are turning into months, we’re beginning to get used to this new normal of life with its limitations and restrictions.  As we find new ways of working from home, and staying in touch with friends and family, we’re starting to adjust to the new reality we’re living in.  

We’re finding new ways to connect.  And perhaps we’re also discovering new ways of connecting with ourselves.   

I’ve got clients and friends who are climbing the walls because they’re used to lots of interaction at work and socially.  There are some who are feeling extremely anxious, and others who are relishing the unexpected time and space that has come with isolation.  I know people who are filling their days catching up on movies and books, exercising or learning a new skill or catching up on work around the house that needed doing …  and others who are keeping their local bottle shop in business and giving the online economy a boost!

We each deal with change and the unknown in our own way, there’s no right or wrong.  But it’s interesting to step back a little and ask ourselves how we want this period in our own personal history to be remembered.  Is it a time of growth and awareness, or is it just killing time until we can go back to ‘normal’?  

 Is it a just a period of mindless vegging out and waiting for it to pass?  Or is it an opportunity to use the time to go a bit deeper, which might have been hard to find time for in our old lives when there were so many external things to do and be and have?  If you’re saving a couple of hours a day by working from home, or your work hours are reduced, what could you do with that extra time that would really enrich you? 

(Of course, if you just happen to be trawling through Facebook in your spare time ?, I’d love you to pop over to my page and share your thoughts or questions there – let’s open up this conversation!  The link is here  )

I’m really intrigued by what this strange pause allows for us, as individuals and as a society.

For me, this phase has been surprisingly rejuvenating.  It feels like a gift.  I’m not diminishing the problems and suffering that Coronavirus is causing to so many people.  But it’s allowed me the chance to get off the treadmill a bit more easily, and ask myself who I want to be when we come out of this phase.   What memories and experiences do I want to look back on when I’m old?  And so how do I want to spend my energy and time during these days and weeks and months?

For what it’s worth, here’s what I’ve been up to during Coronavirus lockdown:

1. For my brain and business:  I’m learning how to make a new website so that I can turn my mindfulness workshops into online courses to help people manage stress and anxiety and become their best self, the person they really are underneath all those old patterns of thought and behaviours.  thoughts, but it’s also extremely satisfying.

2. For pleasure, and also to do a job I keep putting off: I’m digging up my nature strip and planting cuttings from neighbours, and we chat as they wander by and encourage me, or leave cuttings on my gatepost.  

3. For sheer joy and connection: I’m Zooming with a friend who plays guitar and we’re having singalongs.  

 4. For my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing:  I needed to replace my swimming routine since the pool closed.  So as well as long lovely walks along the beach or the cliff top, I’m trying seated yoga on Youtube with a teacher who appealed to me because she’s got a Mohawk and rock chick vibe, and her videos are upbeat and fun.

 How about you?  I’d love to hear what you’re up to and how you’re experiencing this unique time in our history.  And if you’re struggling then email or ring me to book a PSYCH-K or mindfulness session …

This seems like a chance to make a new start for ourselves and for our world.  A chance to create things consciously instead of just the old default.  So that when the world opens up again, we’ll have our new selves with the new awarenesses and new habits to sally forth and make a positive difference in an even clearer way.  

Stay well and happy!