Don’t just count the days – make the days count!

This week, winter hit us all of a sudden – it’s a bit of a shock to the system after the glorious sunny Autumn days we’ve been having.

Instead of walking on the beach under blue skies, today I’m rugged up in a rain jacket with the hood pulled down as low as it will go …

When the weather is horrible like this, it would be easy to let healthy habits fall by the wayside.  Our usual routines have been upended during lockdown as it is, and we’re grappling with creating new systems for working at home and maybe juggling that with home schooling as well.

But I know how important regular exercise is to my health, and with the pool closed for the foreseeable future, out I go and brave the elements!  (There are actually people swimming in the bay even on these cold mornings, and I’m torn between admiration and disbelief!)

We don’t know how long lockdown will continue.  My approach to has been to find the positives in it.  As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I want this time to be one I can look back on with a sense of satisfaction and pleasure ….  
As a wise friend put it this morning:

‘Don’t count the days.
Make the days count.’
One way to do that is to stay softly centred by creating a gentle rhythm for your days and weeks.  I won’t bore you with all the research, but here are some simple ways to give your days some shape and support your health:

*  Regular exercise to keep the ‘couch sores’ at bay
* Nutritious meals rather than random or frequent fridge raids 
* Not spending excessive time in front of the screen – instead, read or listen to a book, podcasts, paint/knit/whatever
* Sleep (a regular bedtime and rising time)
* Meditation or yoga or other meditative practice
You don’t have to be rigid about these things – there’s no pleasure in that!  These practices are meant to support you, not cage you or add stress to your life!

Other things that keep our brains and hearts and bodies engaged in a healthy way are:

* Staying connected to friends and family 
* Enjoying nature
* Enjoying the wonderful offerings of art and music and great talks that have been put up online

I’m happy to answer questions via email or a quick phone call if you want to brainstorm a bit …

Meanwhile, stay well and let’s come out of this at least as well as when it started, if not better!