Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey

Boost workplace wellbeing, resilience and performance

Wellbeing is increasingly being recognised as a crucial factor in any leader’s performance.

Developed with an executive audience in mind, The Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) taps into the aspects of work and life that have been shown to most impact wellbeing. It is a powerful way to develop resilience in leaders and their teams, and can be used to support strategies such as gender balance, wellbeing, diversity inclusion and culture.

The Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) is a uniquely holistic, evidence-based tool that delivers deep insights into what shapes and sustains a leader’s success – at work and at home.  It focuses on the whole person and the big picture by taking into account all aspects of your leaders' lives, both personal and professional.

Gain deep insights into workplace wellbeing and performance

Drawing from cutting edge research and first hand insights into the stresses and strains of executive life, the survey is a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication in the questions posed about individual wellbeing.  It addresses the ‘silent’ de-railers in today’s fast-paced, uncertain, ambiguous and complex times – the relationships, activities, responsibilities, challenges and pressures that affect a leader’s performance beyond the office door.

Your leaders’ wellbeing has a direct impact on their team’s performance and your bottom line

Developed exclusively for leaders and their teams , the GLWS survey gives you a complete view of the factors affecting energy, resilience and wellbeing. Cutting–edge research combines with first-hand insights to create a unique, robust and evidence-based tool to boost productivity and encourage well balanced, engaged and dynamic leaders and teams.

Build engaged, resilient and productive teams that are motivated to achieve and sustain excellence

By strengthening their understanding of wellbeing and how to sustain it – at work and at home – GLWS helps shield leaders and their teams against the stress and strain of continuous change.

By using the GLWS either on its own or in conjunction with some of our other Switchboard programs, as part of your organisation's strategy to develop and support sustainable leadership and  performance, you would expect to see a range of improvements,  including:

• improved performance and effectiveness

• manage work-life balance

• reduced stress leave and sick leave

• improved stress management

• understand & implement healthy behaviours for improved wellbeing and performance

• greater team effectiveness and communication

• greater self-awareness

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