Bring me sunshine!


I know things are looking pretty grim in Victoria this week, and I don’t want to make light of it.

But I want to remind you that, even when we can’t change or control the situation we find ourselves in, we can change or manage the way we respond to it.

This isn’t pretending that everything is fine or sweeping it under the carpet and repressing our feelings.  What it means is that, despite our circumstances, we can decide how we want to respond to the feelings that come up – do we let them overwhelm us and make us fearful or anxious or angry?  Or do we acknowledge those feelings and then decide what to do with them, based on what would support our mental and physical health?  Because when we take care of ourselves, then we can be our best self and share that kind, calm self to our family and friends and community – heaven knows we need it right now.

If we focus on how bad things are, it can pull us down into hopelessness and negativity, so find ways to lift your mood and your energy, whether that’s cuddling your cat, walking your dog, spending time with loved ones or watching a movie that makes you smile.  Then you’re in a stronger state to deal with the situation.

Click over to my Facebook page to watch this great music video which will lift your spirits – you won’t be able to stop grinning or tapping your feet!