Our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your team or organisation

We offer a range of programs and coaching, designed to reduce stress, improve focus and performance, and support staff wellbeing.

We’re passionate about wellbeing and helping people find the tools to support their health, happiness and top performance. Wellbeing isn’t a fixed state, it fluctuates depending on so many factors in our lives, so knowing how to get back on an even keel and thrive even when things are tough, is a life skill that allows people be their best selves …. good for us as individuals, good for organisations, and good for our communities.

Our programs are evidence-based, engaging, practical and interactive.

They can be delivered as a one hour to full day workshops, or as a series of sessions over a period of time.

Some of our most popular programs and workshops are outlined below.


    Six 1 hour sessions to reduce stress, and increase focus and performance, using discussion, Mindfulness tools and cognitive strategies.


    Explores how to establish and maintain healthy behaviours to reduce stress, support mental and physical health & improve focus, performance and productivity. Includes evidence-based information on the role of sleep, exercise and nutrition in reducing stress, and goal setting strategies for establishing and maintaining healthy behaviours, incorporating cognitive & mindfulness-based stress reduction tools & exercises. Participants explore behaviours & strategies which provide them with practical skills to continue managing their stress levels & health.

  • FOCUS & PERFORMANCE - The Myth of Multitasking

    When you’re busy and stressed, it’s tempting to tackle several of the tasks on your to-do list at the same time. It seems like you should make more headway by doing that. In fact, it has the opposite effect. You’re less efficient and you make more mistakes. Multi-tasking actually wastes precious time. It overloads the brain, which causes more mistakes, negatively affects communication, makes people less productive & increases stress levels. Explores the role of mindful attention & focus in increased efficiency, performance & productivity, & the myth of multi-tasking.


    Addresses the effect of stress on the brain & emotions.It explores the subsequent effects on communication, & its impact on relationships in teams & across the workplace.


    Healthy staff are more focused, productive & effective. Support your staff in maintaining their New Year’s Resolutions to reduce stress levels by getting fit & healthy, & staying fit & healthy. Create clarity & improve focused performance using mindfulness-based stress reduction tools and goal setting strategies.


    An interactive workshop using mindfulness tools in dealing with different personality & work styles.Participants discuss ‘situations’ to highlight their own styles and preferences & their responses to others’ different styles, & why.Cognitive tools are introduced by exploring how our responses to others can be influenced by stress & its effect on communication & teamwork, & the difference between responding & reacting.


    These 1 hour sessions can be offered weekly, fortnightly or monthly, in blocks of 4.In each session, there is an extended seated meditation and a movement meditation which consists of a sequence of mindful movements and stretches based on Qi Gong exercises.These provide stress reduction and also offset the physical tension caused by desk jobs.Participants receive the mindfulness-based meditation MP3.


    These 1 hour sessions can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly, in blocks of 4.Participants learn a mindfulness meditation exercise which is the core tool & forms the basis of each session, as well as a new mindfulness technique each week to reduce stress & improve focus.Participants receive the mindfulness-based meditation MP3.


    An overview & experience of the mindfulness tools for wellbeing, stress reduction & improved performance.

‘Our team at Good Shepherd Microfinance became more centred, focused and connected after participating in Liz's Health Enhancement for Living program in 2012. Significant improvements in holistic wellbeing and health has resulted from Liz's outstanding care and tailored way of working with us. Stress is understood and channelled positively, productivity is up, people relate well with each other, and our clients, and are generally happier, more centred and calm. We are making this wonderful program available to many more people in our team in 2013 after word quickly spread about how good and effective this was in enhancing personal wellbeing.’

Adam Mooney

Adam Mooney

Chief Executive Officer at Good Shepherd Microfinance

‘Liz worked with the team to develop a two hour workshop designed to demonstrate techniques and tips to improve self performance. Liz kept the 100 participants totally engaged and the feedback has been tremendous - an excellent investment.’

Jane Bird

Jane Bird

Head of IT at Coles Liquor & Express