Our beliefs have far reaching consequences, both positive and negative, in every aspect of our lives.

The ‘secret of life’ is BELIEF

Rather than genes, it is our  beliefs that control our lives

PSYCH-K is a set of simple, empowering techniques
to change your beliefs and your perceptions
that impact your life at a cellular level

Bruce Lipton, PH.D Cellular Biologist
Author of “Biology of Belief”

'Liz is warm, intelligent and very intuitive and has a gift for identifying those underlying beliefs that hold us back. She has an uncanny ability to cut through the confusion of events I tell her about and gives voice to exactly what I need to hear. I highly recommend her.’

Linda, Melbourne on her PSYCH-K experience
'I started PSYCH-K with Liz not long after my husband passed away and I was struggling with myself and life. The work I did with Liz to change my unhelpful beliefs became an essential part of an ongoing period of growth and development. I am at the point now where a new start in life feels good.'

Libby, Monbulk on her PSYCH-K experience
'In the three days following our initial consultation, I was more productive, optimistic and excited about my life. I gained traction within my business, developed new personal and professional relationships and achieved more in a few weeks than I had done in the previous 6 months.'

Ben Dorrat on his PSYCH-K experience

Beliefs affect our moods, relationships, job performance, self-esteem, and even our health …

Limiting beliefs are usually the cause of self-sabotaging behaviours that trip us up and stop us moving forward into the lives we want to create.

It’s not just our conscious beliefs and intentions that cause problems – it’s subconscious beliefs about ourselves, or other people, or the way the world is, that cause old patterns to surface again.

The subconscious mind is over 95% of the mind and it’s where many of our beliefs are stored, below the level of conscious awareness.

Using PSYCH-K ®, you can release self-sabotaging beliefs quickly and easily, and live your life with more ease and joy

In PSYCH-K ®, the focus is on the positive future you’re moving towards, not on the painful past you’re ready to leave behind. In some therapies, there’s a lot of talking about negative past experiences and how it affected you, but research shows that constantly revisiting painful events keeps them alive and triggers the stress and distress again.
PSYCH-K ® supports you to align your subconscious programs with your conscious desires to create the results you want. Individual sessions enable you to focus on areas of your life where you’d like to create positive change, including:

  • Confidence & self-esteem
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Creativity
  • Habits such as over-eating & smoking

‘I first met Liz O’Brien in 2005 when my company brought the founder of PSYCH-K®, Rob Williams, to Australia, and she attended the first practitioner trainings that he taught here.
A health care professional & coach for over 30years, places Liz in a position of great knowledge and integrity when supporting clients through change.  Liz is well informed, with genuine nurturing and communication skills. Her dignity and integrity support the simple yet powerful technique that is PSYCH-K®.
I always recommend any enquirer to Liz.’
Chris Hooper, Chris Hooper Promotions

Liz works with individuals in private and corporate settings to support them in letting go of limiting beliefs that hold them back. You can meet Liz for an online Psych-K appointment (via Zoom or Skype) or in person, whichever is easier for you.

She is also one of the team at the Auspicious Arts Incubator where PSYCH-K® is part of the course for professional artists.

The subconscious mind is 95% of the mind, and it’s where we hold our beliefs

Some beliefs may have been useful to us once, but now they hold us back.

PSYCH-K® is a fast and powerful technique for changing limiting beliefs at the level of the subconscious mind.

It is a quantum leap forward in creating positive changes towards wholeness and wellbeing.

PSYCH-K® is a powerful tool to unlock your hidden potential by aligning subconscious beliefs with your conscious thinking and actions.

It’s a quick, effective technique to release limiting beliefs & self-sabotaging behaviours, and align your subconscious programs with your conscious desires, to create the results you want.

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