Stress is the most significant psychological hazard in the workplace, affecting people’s mental and physical wellbeing. (Worksafe Victoria)

Finding effective strategies to address this challenge is one of the major issues confronting workers and employers.

Stress costs Australian businesses nearly $11 billion a year in:

  • Lost productivity
  • Increased stress leave and sick leave (and increasing numbers of stress claims)
  • Costs associated with increased staff turnover and recruitment
‘If you’re not investing in mental health, you’re losing money.’‘Heads Up’ PwC report for Beyond Blue, 2015

Reducing stress results in more profitable businesses

In times of change and uncertainty, we need to be able to manage the stress that this produces, in order to be adaptive and responsive to difficult situations.

The connection between stress and impaired performance and productivity is simple

In the current economic and business environment, increasing and competing demands on our attention and time result in stress.

The brain is desperately trying to deal with more input than it possibly can. This triggers the stress response which, ironically, causes the part of the brain responsible for clear-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making to shut down.

The brain gradually loses its capacity to attend fully and thoroughly to anything. Yet these are the very qualities you want in your staff when everyone is under pressure. It makes sense that giving people the tools to reduce and manage their stress levels results in more profitable businesses.

You might like to read the Harvard Business Review’s excellent article called:
Overloaded Circuits: Why Smart People Underperform’

‘Liz came and spoke to our lawyers about stress management and mindfulness. It was a practical and interactive session which really assisted our lawyers not only to recognise the symptoms of stress, but also how they can manage stress going forward. Liz provided practical tools to implement and practice. It was very well received by all who attended. I would have no hesitation in recommending Liz’Stephanie Beard, Human Resources Manager at Sladens Lawyers

Price Waterhouse Cooper’s report for Beyond Blue about mental health in the workplace, shows that for every dollar businesses spend on an effective mental health strategy, they get an average $2.30 return on investment (ROI).

The PwC ‘Heads Up’ report emphasises that businesses need to create a workplace where staff can be be mentally healthy and productive – ‘they not only owe it to their staff but also to their business’s profitability.’

Some key findings

  • Mental health conditions present substantial costs to organisations.
  • Businesses that create a mentally healthy workplace can expect a positive return on investment (ROI) of $2.30 for every dollar spent.
  • The benefits typically take the form of improved productivity and profitability, via reduced absenteeism and presenteeism (reduced productivity at work), and lower numbers of compensation claims.

Link: Read the Beyond Blue media release

Using proven and practical tools, our programs deliver measurable benefits to your organisation and to your staff.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction  & wellbeing programs are a powerful and cost effective strategy to reduce stress, improve mental health, and increase performance and productivity in your workplace

Designed and tailored to complement your Wellbeing, Health and Safety strategy our programs reduce the cost of stress to your business, and contribute to:

  • Greater resilience
  • High-performance teams and individuals
  • Improved communication
  • Reduced staff turnover rates/greater staff retention
  • Increased ROI in training
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick leave
  • Greater staff loyalty and commitment

Using fast and effective techniques which include mindfulness tools and cognitive strategies to relieve stress, the programs takes an experiential approach, combining evidence-based information, discussion and reflection, cognitive tools and fast, effective stress reduction skills., to provide the skills and support for participants to create positive changes.

Results include:

  • Fast and effective tools for dealing with workplace stressors
  • Improved clear-thinking and decision-making
  • Team and individual efficiency and effectiveness
  • Understanding the links between stress, performance and health
  • Self-awareness regarding healthy lifestyle choices and stress
  • Improved mental and physical wellbeing
‘We are thrilled at the success of the Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Performance workshops that Liz O’Brien has delivered to staff at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Liz has an engaging and relaxed manner that supports participants to understand the theory and techniques associated with Mindfulness practice. The post-session feedback has been fantastic, with participants reporting greater control over negative thinking patterns and greater resilience to work stressors.’Fiona Andrew, Psychologist, Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, Royal Children’s Hospital

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