We work with organisations that need their people to be at the top of their game and give their best.

We show people how to manage their mental and physical energy to achieve peak performance and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

'Liz facilitated some excellent workshops. She has a warm and friendly manner and participants found the sessions engaging and inspirational. The stress relieving techniques and relaxation exercises were of particular value and overall the sessions served to refocus participants on healthy habits.'
'Beautifully done! Thanks so much for a fabulous presentation to the team yesterday. You covered the ground from theoretical, philosophical and practical perspectives with great style and credibility. You made the tools and techniques we learned about yesterday very accessible and relatable, and I know they will be very beneficial to us individually and collectively.'
'I will be recommending this training to my colleagues and think it would be a great training to roll out to teams, to become aware of self-management strategies which will have massive positive impacts for the work we do as a team.'
Aimee Catterall, Moreland City Council
'The feedback from your session has been glowing.'
Lisa Wollerman, Australian Conservation Foundation

Stress is the most significant psychological hazard in the workplace, affecting people’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Finding effective strategies to address this challenge is one of the major issues confronting workers and employers.

Reducing and managing stress allows individuals and organisations to be and do their best – it allows them to thrive.

“Mental stress costs Australian businesses more than $10 billion per year.
And, conversely, the healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.”
(WorkSafe Victoria)


Even good workplaces have stress


Stress is contagious. Whatever form stress takes in your organisation, mindfulness creates a healthy base to support other measures you put in place. Our programs and services include mindfulness principles and cognitive strategies, to create clarity and self-awareness in your communication and interactions.

Our tailored courses, seminars and workshops build resilience, strengthen focus and improve performance by teaching participants how to reduce stress, develop the awareness to recognise and manage stressors, and maintain their mental and physical wellbeing. We also offer coaching sessions to support positive changes, and extend the development of positive skills and strategies.