What our clients say

We are thrilled at the success of the Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Performance workshops that Liz O’Brien has delivered to staff at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Liz has an engaging and relaxed manner that supports participants to understand the theory and techniques associated with Mindfulness practice. The post-session feedback has been fantastic, with participants reporting greater control over negative thinking patterns and greater resilience to work stressors.
Fiona Andrew
Psychologist MAPS
Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

Thank you for the workshop you presented to our staff last week. I received a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues to say it was their particular highlight from our staff forum. Your highly professional expertise, delivered in your engaging and authentic style, really resonated with our team – I’m sure your training will contribute to the wellbeing of our staff and the performance of our organisation.
 Anna Foley
The Nature Trust

‘Beautifully done! Thanks so much for a fabulous presentation to the team yesterday. You covered the ground from theoretical, philosophical and practical perspectives with great style and credibility. You made the tools and techniques we learned about yesterday very accessible and relatable, and I know they will be very beneficial to us individually and collectively.’
Kean Selway, Vice-President Enterprise, Deakin University

‘Our team at Good Shepherd Microfinance became more centred, focused and connected after participating in Liz’s Health Enhancement for Living program in 2012. Significant improvements in holistic wellbeing and health has resulted from Liz’s outstanding care and tailored way of working with us. Stress is understood and channelled positively, productivity is up, people relate well with each other, and our clients, and are generally happier, more centred and calm. We are making this wonderful program available to many more people in our team in 2013 after word quickly spread about how good and effective this was in enhancing personal wellbeing.’
Adam Mooney, Chief Executive Officer at Good Shepherd Microfinance

‘Liz came and spoke to our lawyers about stress management and mindfulness. It was a practical and interactive session which really assisted our lawyers not only to recognise the symptoms of stress, but also how they can manage stress going forward. Liz provided practical tools to implement and practice. It was very well received by all who attended. I would have no hesitation in recommending Liz’
Stephanie Beard, Human Resources Manager at Sladens Lawyers

‘Liz facilitated some excellent workshops. She has a warm and friendly manner and participants found the sessions engaging and inspirational. The stress relieving techniques and relaxation exercises were of particular value and overall the sessions served to refocus participants on healthy habits.’
Law Institute of Victoria

‘Liz is a flexible and responsive stress-expert! She spoke of the work and lifestyle benefits of stress-reduction in a comprehensive and non-threatening manner.  Her practical solutions were well suited to our audience and the feedback we received was unanimously positive.  Five stars!!’
Shaun O’Brien, City of Boroondara

‘Liz worked with the team to develop a two hour workshop designed to demonstrate techniques and tips to improve self performance. Liz kept the 100 participants totally engaged and the feedback has been tremendous – an excellent investment.’
Jane Bird, Head of IT at Coles Liquor & Express

“After a busy school day, Liz was able to engage and educate staff on the impact of stress on wellbeing and performance, and to introduce staff to mindfulness-based practises.  Liz has a wealth of knowledge that she shared with the audience in an enthusiastic manner; she provided a good balance of discussion and hands on experience.  It was a great workshop and all teachers were glad they attended and found the content useful for both professional and personal development”.  
 Clare Panetta, College Psychologist, Genazzano FCJ College

‘CIS has now engaged Liz twice and on both occasions the outcomes have exceeded our expectations. 

Liz first developed an article for our monthly publication deCISion on the topical issue of the effects of stress in the work place. The article provided some great insight on how to identify stress and also appropriate methods of addressing the issue for our 500+ subscribers all in the IT Management sector. 

Due to the excellent feedback on her article we re-engaged Liz to facilitate our first industry event of the year. At Melbourne’s Hilton on the park, Liz lead a group of 30 senior IT Managers through a highly interactive, informative and engaging session. She surprised us by not only providing our group with expert knowledge and theory on the topic but by also providing us with tangible management tools in stress reduction for our teams. 
The session was very practical and the feedback from our group has been very positive. A highlight for many was that the session gave our group of very senior managers some great ways to calm and re-centre themselves before those big meetings or highly stressful situations they face in their roles. 

CIS will foster a long standing relationship with Liz for her strong knowledge base, professionalism and her highly engaging approach.’
Jade Ryan, Services and Solutions Manager at Corporate Information Systems